Friday, January 6, 2012

Fighting for the TTC: Meet CodeRedTO | cityscape | Torontoist

Fighting for the TTC: Meet CodeRedTO | cityscape | Torontoist: "For all of their concerns about Rob Ford and his approach to governance, many on the progressive side of Toronto do credit the mayor with one thing: he’s sparked a wave of activism and community engagement this city hasn’t seen in years. Helping to lead the charge against some of Ford’s more headline-grabbing plans last year was CodeBlueTO, a group of citizens who became very concerned when Ford brother Doug started musing about scrapping existing plans for waterfront revitalization in favour of Ferris wheels and monorails. Building on a network of concerned residents that had developed over the past decade or more, as those original plans were developed, CodeBlueTO launched a website, hashtag, petition, and public information campaign that helped turn the tide against the Ford brothers and let to a unanimous vote by city council to endorse the existing planning framework."

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