Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who Funds Public Transit | Catch the Trout

Who Funds Public Transit | Catch the Trout: "Beck and Mis point out that, “Since auto ownership is a surrogate of income, it means the lower income resident who cannot afford a car is paying taxes to support a higher income resident who owns a car. Yet, if there is no transit service, then the higher income resident does not support the low income resident through the taxes needed to support a good level of transit service; herein lies the unfairness.”

We, who offer public transit service to the seven municipalities that comprise the north half of Hastings County, along with the municipality of Highlands East in Haliburton County, encourage councilors with vision to continue to champion local public transit. Further, we hope councilors who have not supported public transit in the past will begin to understand the value of supporting their non-driving constituents with the fair and equitable allocation of property tax dollars toward public transit."

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