Monday, May 26, 2014

Free public transportation: Javier Pardo’s Big Idea

Toronto Star: "What’s the big idea: Make public transportation in Toronto free. One of the big difficulties of people is to pay the expensive public transportation in Toronto and general in Canada. Some cities in Europe are starting to think about putting tax money towards free public transportation. Nothing better than to have the opportunity to go anywhere to study, work or create business. If we can get free subways, trains and buses we will be able to do anything. Having public transportation means that people will have time to create business and ideas. Make Toronto great by being a model for the world. Free transportation is like having health care or education. If you cannot move to work or to find a job or to study is really hard to live. Kids need to learn from the city, from the culture. Transportation is vital like food."

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  1. I am in total agreement.
    There is no better Direct Action for the Greater Good.

    Think of the positive economic spin from putting spendable cash in the pockets of students, seniors, and the working poor,

    Think of the environmental benefits from tens of thousands off the roads during rush hour traffic.

    The path for modern civilization's healthy future lies in the recognition of our rights to the freedom to travel publicly and communicate privately.

    The Green Party of Canada should follow the lead of the Green Party of Manitoba and add Fare Free Transit to their election platform.