Wednesday, May 25, 2016

There is a "war on cars," but the cars are winning

TreeHugger: "When Constable Remo Romano hit her with his F150 pickup truck he was going 115 (71MPH) in a 60 km/hr (37 MPH) zone. According to one article, her body was thrown 80 meters."
The "system" (auto-sprawl) is not blamed because too many powerful people are profiting from it. And the individuals can't go to jail -- the labor force would be unstable. So the fault is placed on the victim.

Cars are literally killing us. There is a mild sort of fight back, you know, "complete streets" and such. What we need is a real fight back.

It is time to admit the autosprawl system does not work. How many more will die before you join the campaign for fare-free buses?

Free public transit will break the critical mass of the private auto. Subsidies will then be seen as a burden, not a necessity.

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