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SherryBGood RT @Paul_TO: Shocker! Ford's transit "plan" may not add up: Say goodbye to Eglinton LRT, friends. #topoli#savetransitcity9 hours ago 
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I_LuvTO RT @Paul_TO: Shocker! Ford's transit "plan" may not add up: Say goodbye to Eglinton LRT, friends. #topoli#savetransitcity9 hours ago 
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ttpolitic Local and state funding for streetcars in Dallas Cincinnati hours ago 
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madhatressTO RT @Paul_TO: Shocker! Ford's transit "plan" may not add up: Say goodbye to Eglinton LRT, friends. #topoli#savetransitcity8 hours ago 
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ttpolitic Portland-Milwaukie light rail line moving forward include $127 m transit-only bridge8 hours ago 
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ttpolitic Morocco signs contract for 200 mph trains for line to open in 2015 Travel time Tanger-Casablanca 2h10, down from 4h457 hours ago 
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ttpolitic Oh, wait, so now Republicans want earmarks? come up with a new name for them, and all will be fine7 hours ago 
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ttpolitic FTA: Christie knew he would have to repay $271 m bill if he canceled ARC hours ago 
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camilahearts I'm on busses so much that the drivers are starting to recognize me. #hsr #publictransit6 hours ago 
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ttpolitic New high-speed rail bridge connects France and Germany hours ago 
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meaghanruth The one day I give attn to how my hair looks and its a blizzard outside. Taking the bus! #publictransit6 hours ago 
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BillyCoghlan 5 blocks in 10 minutes....not bad #sarcasm#publictransit #wtfabout 1 hour ago 
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Shananigans5 On the bathurst car right now completely aware of how awesome#lrt can be. #savetransitcity3 hours ago 
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ttpolitic Cheap transpo policy RT @urbanophile @Tri_State: All NYC bike projects in the last 3 yrs cost city less than $2 m hours ago 
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MissRay_ #WHATTHE ? Why does this bus smell like piff ... Wowwww someone's not serious ? How you smoking a blunt to your face on#publictransit #foolabout 1 hour ago 
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GreenBriefs Can we have one 4 Vancouver PLEEEASE? RT @travelinggreen: Green Streetcar Arrives In USA #publictransit #hybrid4 hours ago 
► Transit News/Events ◄
  • December 10, 2010: Free Transit and Movement Building
    The demonstrations surrounding the G20 summit in Toronto unfolded more or less as scripted. The state spent obscene amounts of public money to install security cameras in Toronto's streets, build an enormous fence, and augment the capacities of the local, provincial, and national police forces, both logistically and legally.
  • December 7, 2010: Mayor Ford scraps Toronto light rail transit system
    It was supposed to be one of the largest transit expansion projects anywhere. Seven new light rail lines along the streets of Toronto's major transit corridors. Older buses replaced with modern, cost effective, environmentally friendly light-rail vehicles.
  • October 27, 2010: Drivers and Riders Unite!
    Fare hikes, layoffs, and service cuts decimate public transit - In 2008, when gas prices spiked, so did transit ridership, reaching 10.7 billion trips in the United States. Hard times make this service even more essential to millions of people.
  • October 2, 2010: NO Fare IS Fair
    Start of the campaign to win free and accessible transit for the GTA. A project of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly.
  • August 21, 2010: New York's transit agency lays off workers, raises fares
    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has laid off another 200 New York City station agents, while proposing to once again increase transit fares. The layoffs took place on August 13 as a result of a recent decision by the MTA, which runs the New York City transit system, as well as the surrounding commuter railroads.
  • July 16, 2010: Free and Accessible TTC!
    Forum featuring: Deb Cowen, Karen Sun, Franz Hartmann and Kamilla Pietrzyk
  • April 10, 2007: Scottish Socialist Party - free public transport policy
    Scottish Socialist Party election broadcasts for the Parliament elections in 2007. This one is on the SSP's free public transport policy.

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