Saturday, December 18, 2010

SAVE Transit City (click here for Facebook event)

SAVE Transit City (1): "Join this event to show your support for Transit City!

People we have work to do. Your city needs you. The war on our great city has begun!!

On his first day as mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford told 680News that 'people do not want streetcars'. He said, 'The war on the car is over!' Well, not so fast Mr. Ford! All of this has been decided without a public debate or comprehensive analysis of the impact of a decision made by one person, alone in an office at City Hall

Do you think all Torontonians deserve good public transit no matter where in the City they live?

'As a municipal project, much more than just transportation needs are addressed by Transit City. The programme delivers train service to virtually every corner of the city while providing opportunities for economic, social and cultural renewal to some of Toronto's most distressed neighbourhoods."

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