Wednesday, September 16, 2020

More arguments in favor of fare-free #publictransit (zero fare)

Our belief in fare-elimination as the first step in a transformative sequence is grounded in historical experience. When the University Pass was applied to every student at UVic in the 1990s, ridership increased dramatically. In fact, it was such a success with packed buses that transit had to scramble to improve service, put on more buses and thus increase frequency.

This wasn’t the “wait for service changes” approach. It was about unleashing demand which forced service improvements. We simply propose up-scaling this proven approach to the entire system. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

#freepublictransit for seniors in Brampton

Thursday, March 5, 2020

"Less congestion, less environmental pollution.. Let's go for it"

"There are cities in the world that have free transit, why can't the city of Toronto?" said the councillor to Yazdani following Tuesday's board meeting.
"The fourth-largest city in North America? The most diverse city in the world? Why would be not have free public transit?" 
"We're going to get a lot more people on the TTC and we're going to get a lot more people out of their cars," he continued. "Less congestion, less environmental pollution... boy am I for it. Let's go for it." 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

No money for #freepublictransit? But six billion for useless subway

Creative people of Guelph come up with four ways to pay for free public transit for teens

In Mayor Cam Guthrie’s State of the City address for 2020, he put forward the idea that, in the (near) future, he’d like to see free transit for those 18 and under in Guelph. 
While I’d consider myself a supporter of that vision, I did have questions about how the city would fund such an initiative. 
Last month, the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) hosted a chat over coffees at Planet Bean Coffee in downtown Guelph.

The mayor and members of the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) were in attendance. Ideas were shared about the ways in which the free-transit initiative could be funded with the least burden to taxpayers. 

"We need to organize for change"

starting today, an adult ttc metropass is $156
student and senior passes are now $128.15

service is often terrible, presto sucks, and the system is nowhere near accessible for many

 is hiring more goons to fine, arrest, and abuse riders

we need to organize for change

the ttc's problem is chronic underfunding by all levels of government.
 wants to distract you by obsessing over people who can't pay. don't buy it. we need to fund transit through taxation and let people ride the damn system without barriers and harassment

 I repeat, public transit shouldn't cost anything at the point of entry. it should be paid for through taxes. WE NEED TO CANCEL FARE INSPECTION, which is having the worst impact on people who are black, indigenous, poor, homeless, disabled or mentally ill. we rely on the ttc

 we can rid ourselves of fare inspectors and continue fighting for free transit by educating ourselves, and supporting each other as we ride. advocate when we see someone being stopped, learn what fare inspectors can and can't do, take videos, talk to media and our councillors

 and you ttc union folks who are watching this fare enforcement regime happen, or actively supporting it, square up for the fight of your lives. you should be supporting riders, as unions in other cities have done, and you're going to hear from us if you keep acting the fool

 groups like
 and many others have been doing this work for years. we need to build on that advocacy and fight back before our system is further militarized and even less accessible. I'll be devoting more time to this in the coming months #freethettc

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Guelph Mayor: #freepublictransit for youth

GUELPH -- Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie delivered his State of the City address on Friday, and with it came some ambitious ideas for the future.
Without setting timelines, he spoke of a future where the downtown core was free of cars, and where public transit was free for people under 18.