Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fare-free #publictransit suggested for London, Ontario.

...I would like to see if the city would be willing to consider a pilot project of one month of free transit during the summer to gauge the potential economic and societal impact (health) of offering the service for free in our city.
As most people know there are many benefits to be found by having people use transit:
1 – Better health outcomes –
2 – Reduced need for road widenings
3 – Reduced congestion as 1 bus can handle the same capacity as 30-60 cars (or more).
4 – Reduced need for road maintenance.
5 – Increased property values and business sales –
6 – Savings for families that opt to no longer have a second vehicle (or first)
7 – Increased mobility for those that cannot use other modes of transportation.
8 – Saves lives as transit is significantly safer than cars.
It would be good to present a full business case from London Transit listing the full benefits available to both the City and the Province/Country from investigating if free transit were to increase ridership to help mitigate costs and the other benefits of transit. I am recommending a summer month (I know that other months might give a more accurate picture) as we can more easily accommodate an increased passenger load during those months. I would also recommend that more than simple transit ridership metrics be gathered for this study. It may be worthwhile to have the city investigate funding from other levels of government to offset the cost of the pilot.... 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Campaign for Free Public Transit in Toronto

The Bullet : "Free transit would be a critical step in addressing climate change. It would help reduce urban sprawl, discouraging developers from building on farmlands and outer suburban areas.

Fare-free transit would reduce the costs of road maintenance as well as the environmental pollution and health issues caused by our current dependence on private cars. Everyone would benefit, even motorists, who would have less-crowded roads. Governments currently provide large subsidies for roads and highways for cars and trucks. Our tax dollars should benefit the common good."

Saturday, March 3, 2018

South Huron: Lack of #publictransit "holding us back"

Lakeshore Advance: "Grand Bend’s Baillie, co-chair of the Huron Shores Transit steering committee, said the initiative began in August. He said the region has been identified as lacking in public transportation, a reality that has acted as an impediment to growth, social mobility, quality of life and employment.

“It’s holding us back,” Baillie said of the lack of public transportation. The Ministry of Transportation has identified the Huron Shores Transit area as underserved by public transportation."

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Case for Free Public Transit

torontoist : "Many cities already have some degree of free transit. Merced County in California offers free transit every August, and their ridership jumps by over 30 per cent. Columbus, Ohio, did a pilot study over the last two years, providing free bus passes to workers at four companies, and saw the share of workers using buses double.

The increased economic participation pays dividends, as do the positive environmental and health impacts from fewer cars."

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Humans depend on agriculture which depends on predictable weather

Peterborough | "Local farmers in the Kawarthas say they are in dire circumstances, which will become more critical if the weather fails to bring the sunshine and warm temperatures.

Provincial minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs Jeff Leal visited some local farms Thursday to talk to growers about the impact of the cool, rainy spring and summer on local crops."

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Free Transit for Low Income Individuals - Community Forum in Kitchener, ON 3 Jun 2017

Eventbrite: "The Alliance Against Poverty (AAP) has organized a Community Forum on Free Transit to develop a local campaign to make public transit free for everyone in Waterloo Region who lives in poverty. We would really like you to participate in our Forum.
The Forum will occur on Saturday, June 3rd from 2 to 4 pm in the fully-accessible downstairs hall of Historic St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. This church is located in downtown Kitchener at the corner of 137 Queen St. S. and Church St., just one block away from the Charles St. bus terminal. You enter the hall from Church St. via the large doors. The accessibility entrance is at the rear of the church off the parking lot, entering by the office door to the elevator. Free parking is available in the rear lot."

Friday, April 21, 2017

Transit cops or free transit? "Fare accounting costs, ticket and pass production costs, and various other costs associated with fares could be eliminated. Immensely expensive transit pass programs can be buried. Even with tokens and tickets eliminated, the Presto card system in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area has been enormously expensive. While transit users will save a bit on fares with Presto, the province’s auditor general says hundreds of millions have been blown on its installation.

All these resources could be freed up and focused on better transit services, more jobs, and better infrastructure. Transit workers can be redirected to other parts of the service, such as attendants at major transit stations, retrained for operating, maintenance and other services."