Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shortfall, cash-strapped, funding difficulties, -- it is all a big lie

People wait for the TTC Finch bus. The TTC still needs to 
find $30 million in savings to cover a projected
 shortfall across the conventional and Wheel-Trans systems.
Toronto News: Get ready for more crowded TTC buses - "The new year will be a return to the past for a record number of TTC riders who will be crammed tighter onto buses and left standing longer at the curb after the TTC board agreed to lower its service standards Friday."

Oil companies have gotten their trolls into power by trickery, lying, and plain old election fraud. The corporate media has helped by propagating their lies. There is no funding problem. All the money is spent on the auto-system, as if bus riders were not people. Actually bus riders are saving the economy. They should ride free.

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