Friday, November 25, 2011

Oil trolls use fake fiscal crisis to force you back into your car

Longer waits, fewer seats as TTC announces reduced service - The Globe and Mail: "TTC riders in every corner of the city will feel the effects of service cuts set to begin in January as streetcars and buses are taken off the system’s busiest routes at rush hour and off-peak hours. More crowding and longer waits will be the outcome.

The service cuts will save the system $15-million and were approved this year by TTC commissioners as part of their efforts to find the 10-per-cent budget cuts demanded from every city department and agency. At the time, riders were warned that decision would mean reductions to service. Details of the cuts were made public Thursday, the same day as the TTC’s first town hall meeting with riders, and reveal just how far the pain would be spread."

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