Thursday, December 22, 2011

Will 2012 mark the return of Transit City? #topoli

Will 2012 mark the return of Transit City?: "Despite the fact that Transit City was thought lost shortly after Rob Ford took his position as mayor of Toronto, more and more signs point to the possibility that, at the very minimum, there will be a significant public push to revive the former LRT-based transit plan. "

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Toronto mayor doing good job for #oil and #autosprawl

Cost of cancelling Transit City could hit $65-million - The Globe and Mail: "The multimillion-dollar price tag is the latest estimate for cancelling the Sheppard and Finch light-rail lines – part of former mayor David Miller’s Transit City plan. It comes as the city’s transit users are facing fare hikes and reduced service, measures planned for the new year to meet the mayor’s demands for a 10-per-cent budget cut. The new expense surfaced Tuesday during budget discussions, where city councillors also weighed the merits of closing pools and community centres in order to save dollars."

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

#oil agents are destroying #transit

Toronto News: James: To talk transit in Toronto is to only cause despair - "Our political leaders have made a mess of a most basic municipal service and left commuters despaired about the prospects of early relief.

“Historically, we’ve had a track record of planning and not delivering in Toronto,” says TTC chair Karen Stintz as she prepares to address the Toronto Board of Trade on Monday. “The public just want to see it done.”"

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#Autosprawl - the ugly society

Solution for suburban gridlock is better transit - Canada - CBC News: "Eric Miller, head of the Cities Centre at the University of Toronto, says people will stop moving to the region altogether.

"It's not a happy future," says Miller. "It literally is almost a life-and-death thing for the city. Transportation is so fundamental that we will not continue to prosper unless our transportation system is significantly improved. Eventually, people will stop coming here to live. Jobs will move away because it simply will not be an attractive enough place.""

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

J. Goss + Associates: Transit use up but services slashed, l'achalandage du transport collectif

J. Goss + Associates: Transit use up but services slashed, l'achalandage du transport collectif: "“These cuts are a tragedy,” said Natalie Litwin of Transport Action Ontario. “They come at a time when ridership is growing, traffic congestion is up, the economy is under stress, and fewer people have transportation alternatives”."

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