Saturday, January 7, 2012

Save Transit City

Save Transit City: "On the day he took office Rob Ford canceled Transit City, a project to build fast, reliable and affordable light rail transit (LRT) in the areas of Toronto that need it most: the suburbs. The province has $8.7 billion to spend on three rapid transit lines on Finch West, Sheppard East and Eglinton, a plan that would cost Toronto $0."

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  1. Step one: Stop any tunneling work that was
    not part of the original Laird to Keele tunneling plan.
    Step 2: Try to convince all councilors to force the Ford Brothers to bend to the wishes of not only his united councilors, but also respect the wishes of deeply disappointed Torontonians,

    We not only have the money to implement to original plan but also but also the environmental assessment has been paid for.
    Olaf Trunzer