Monday, February 6, 2012

Do you sense the invisible hands of #tarsands in Toronto?

Transit and planning experts rally against Ford's plans: ""Planning for desperately needed public transit expansion within the City of Toronto... is currently in a state of disarray and the Mayor's current plans will not provide cost-effective solutions to the City's pressing transportation needs," the letter reads. Perhaps the collective clout of the signees will sway council when it convenes to determine the immediate future of transit planning in Toronto. That's clearly the idea."

Why send people underground so cars can be on the surface? Subways can only be justified in very heavy density. The future of cities is carfree surface transit. Funding? Why do we argue over a few million dollars for transit when congestion costs billions and is choking the economy, energy wars are raging, more than a million dollars a day goes out of town for gasoline, and oil is running out? The oil trolls want to squeeze the last dollar out of the last drop of oil, no matter what the cost to society. It is time for people to organize and demand FARE-FREE PUBLIC TRANSIT. It doesn't cost more, it actually saves more than it costs.

Yes, tarsands. Even if not one drop is burned in North America, oil and petrol are global markets. Many people hope to get rich from tarsands. They will be disappointed. Only a very few will profit. The cost to the biosphere will be unbearable.

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