Sunday, March 24, 2013

Don't want to end up like Cyprus and Greece? Make public transit fare-free.

Cyprus, dedicated transit funding and guerrilla warfare: Salutin | Toronto Star: "What might be the next step in a guerrilla campaign to restore the public realm — as the guerrillas of yore encircled the cities? How about: not just decent public transit but free? Free is tough to argue with. Free public education and health care have been hard to dislodge. Of course everyone knows they’re not actually free; we pay but we pay as a society, it’s a shared cost because everyone benefits, even if they don’t use them. Same goes for public transit. And this generation of youth can be passionate about free, especially when it comes to content on the Internet. (A case, like free trade, where I personally have reservations.) That, too, would be a perk: increase the base of citizen engagement instead of downsizing it like everything else."

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