Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hamilton - free public transit for seniors could reduce carbon emission by 1M tonnes

the spec: "Seniors using free transit for one in 10 of their journeys might reduce car use in Ontario by a whopping 2.25 billion miles per year, reducing carbon emissions by almost one million tonnes. Every senior couple that free transit allows to take one car off the road reduces annual CO2 emissions by around 3.5 tonnes. Congestion on local roads and highways might be reduced by 1.5 per cent, further reducing emissions and enabling working people, business transport and goods to move more efficiently, improving productivity, and supporting the vibrant business environment our province strives to encourage.

Studies indicate that as we age our cognitive abilities and response times deteriorate resulting in higher levels of injuries, claims and consequent concerns for senior drivers, their families and traffic authorities. This is an emotionally charged subject we are loath to address for fear of offending parents or potential voters. Free transit for seniors would alleviate that by providing a dignified and affordable alternative to driving."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ontario - people want more #publictransit

The Globe and Mail: "But with a new mandate and the freedom to manoeuvre that comes from a strengthened position in the legislature, the Liberals will be able to push ahead with their ambitious transportation plan.

“The people of Ontario … want us to get on with building the transit and transportation infrastructure that we know we need,” Ms. Wynne said during her triumphant victory speech late Thursday evening."

Saturday, June 7, 2014

We must expand public transportation system

guelphmercury opinion : "Expanded public transportation is essential for social, safety and environmental reasons. Our political leaders must deal with it, and not support more or wider highways.

It is common knowledge that petroleum supplies are unsustainable; therefore our present system is unsustainable.

Changes are in order — now.

Helen Hansen


Monday, May 26, 2014

Free public transportation: Javier Pardo’s Big Idea

Toronto Star: "What’s the big idea: Make public transportation in Toronto free. One of the big difficulties of people is to pay the expensive public transportation in Toronto and general in Canada. Some cities in Europe are starting to think about putting tax money towards free public transportation. Nothing better than to have the opportunity to go anywhere to study, work or create business. If we can get free subways, trains and buses we will be able to do anything. Having public transportation means that people will have time to create business and ideas. Make Toronto great by being a model for the world. Free transportation is like having health care or education. If you cannot move to work or to find a job or to study is really hard to live. Kids need to learn from the city, from the culture. Transportation is vital like food."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Longer life: The public health argument for better transit

CBC Hamilton: "Better urban planning and more public transit investment can lead to an improvement in health for residents in Hamilton and across the GTHA, according to a new report released on Wednesday.

Building communities that support greater walking, cycling and public transit use would prevent over 330 premature deaths and over 1000 cases of diabetes each year across the GTHA, the report says."